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Children have an uncanny ability to solve problems through creative thinking. Our goal is to inspire them to look for solutions in their own worlds through stories of adventure.

by A. Elizabeth Orley

In the Night of the Lights we join Sam on an adventure with Grandma "Gigi" to discover what the lights are in her garden. What Sam discovers is better than magic, it is real. Sam learns a lesson in problem solving, and also learns the importance of respecting the natural habitat of earth's creatures.

Join us with your children in discovering this real magic, it may spark adventure in your own backyard!


& Available on Kindle!

The Cookie Conundrum - Little Mind Books

Available on KINDLE!

The Cookie Conundrum

by A. Elizabeth Orley

Join Sam and Gigi on an adventure in baking! When Sam visits Gigi they decide to make cookies and boy do they make cookies! Sam learns a valuable lesson and together they find a solution that becomes a real treat!

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