Why I wrote a book about Fireflies

What makes fireflies so special to us? The answer is simple, they are magic. A little piece of God’s creations that remind us that anything is possible. When I moved to Ohio in 2003 I was struck by these tiny creatures. There were police reports in the local papers of UFO’s and they turned out to just be fireflies. They truly are out of this world! So magical on a mid-summer night.

When I learned that these amazing creatures are now on the endangered species list it broke my heart. Like pollinators, fireflies are endangered because of the large amount of chemicals that we use in our yards, on our farms, and in our environments.

Writing “the Night of the Lights”

In “The Night of the Lights” we wanted to capture the magic through the eyes of our favorite child Sam. Seeing fireflies for the first time is such a magical experience. For a child it must be even more so. Sam explores the little creatures with the love and care of Gigi. Sam must solve a particular problem, and does in a way that only a child can. Problem solving with the what is available.

More about Fireflies

Fireflies are one of the species that are bioluminescent, meaning they actually create their own light. As I explored different amazing things about fireflies I learned that they can actually flash a variety of different colors including orange, green and yellow.

Fireflies are actually a type of beetle. There are found all over the world (except for Antarctica.) Making magic fore millions of us every night.

Fireflies attract their mates through their flashing lights. It is how they communicate. Scientists believe that they use their light to warn away predators and their defend territory.

Watch this clip from our friends at National Geographic about how fireflies use their light to attract mates.

Wonderful clip from National Geographic on Fireflies

What can you do to save the Fireflies?

Would you like to learn more about things you can do to help the fireflies? We found some great resources HERE.