Why is our main character named Sam?


We put a lot of thought into the naming of our main characters. In the case of Sam, we wanted it to be a name that could be for any child. Short for both traditionally boys and girls names, Sam is an ambiguous choice for a child’s name in a children’s book. The choice however was bigger than a unisex, gender neutral child’s name, it had to mean something more.

A character’s name is so important to the author especially when you plan on using the same characters for a series of books that have not been written yet. Naming Sam was not easy. We wanted the name to be memorable, but also to represent something important about who this character is in the stories.

Why did you pick the name Sam?

What name can we give a child that will be relatable and memorable yet simple. Sam was perfect for us for many reasons including some very personal ones about a special child in the author’s life. This Sam was very special to the author and perfect exactly as God made them. That is the point of Sam for us, is that no matter the child or their situation they are perfect as they are and exactly as they should be.

The acronym for S.A.M. was born.

Sam is an acronym for Simply Amazing Mind. It fit our character so perfectly. We wanted these stories to be about a child that thinks and reacts and overcomes challenges. We don’t want to define this child into any particular role because we want every single child reading the book the think the story could have been about them.

Every child has this potential to have such talent in different ways, and little minds are incredible. Sponges that absorb everything that they encounter. I loved the idea that Sam could be more than just a name. It can be a state of mind. Our goal is to inspire little minds, thus having our main character embody that sentiment is a powerful way to bring the theme full circle.

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Elizabeth Orley

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